Monday, January 28, 2013

Toddler iPad Apps

My soon to be 2-year old is just starting to talk more and one of his favorite words is "pad", aka iPad. I've done a lot of research on toddler iPad apps and here are some of our favorites:

Favorite Toddler iPad apps
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - Great App for learning numbers, colors, letters, and matching.

Bugs & Bubbles - Not only is this App educational, but it has some of the most beautiful graphics I've seen. A little pricier at $2.99, but honestly it's worth it. You get 18 different games for the investment and I have to say it's definitely the App we spend the most time on. Jake has learned almost all of his letters by just playing one of the games within this App.

Bugs & Buttons - Another beautiful and smart App by the same makers of Bugs & Bubbles. You won't be sorry if you purchase both!

Zoo Train - We purchased this App when Jake was 18 months old because he was and still is obsessed with trains. He loved it then and still plays with it now. This App has puzzles, music, letters and more.

Trucks - The perfect App for truck loving kids. More of an entertainment App than educational, but it does get a ton of play time.

Create a Car - When I first bought this App I thought that it was going to be way too complicated for Jake to figure out on his own. I continue to be amazed how newer technology is very intuitive for young minds who know no different. After a few times playing together, he was easily building his own creative cars.  

Toddler Puzzle Transports - Another great app with several games in one.


  1. Great suggestions on the apps! I am always looking for new ones to entertain my boys. Just downloaded a few of these! They love the monkey one too. I've enjoyed reading through you posts! ~gina

    1. Gina - Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm planning on adding to our iPad list on an ongoing basis so check back and feel free to share any of your favorite. Love your blog as well. Congrats on your home design business and your beautiful growing family!


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