Friday, February 8, 2013

Track Calories Burned

I love being able to see how many calories I've burned in a workout. It's motivates me to keep going and work harder! Six years ago when I started the process of turning myself into someone who loves working out, Rick (my now husband/boyfriend at the time), bought me my first heart rate monitor. Honestly, at first I loved it because it was pink and cute. But after my first workout, I was hooked.

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Let me explain exactly why I love heart rate monitors. They are these amazing devices (it's really just a special watch and a chest band) that calculate the number of calories you burn during a workout based on your weight, height, age, gender and maximum heart rate.

For those of you who use machines at the gym like the treadmill or elliptical and rely on them for your calories burned count - don't trust those machines!!! They can be extremely inaccurate because they are based on average values of a population. They almost always overestimate (in my case by 100-200 calories). A heart rate monitor will give you a more accurate count.

A good heart rate monitor ranges between $60-$100. My favorite brand is polar and I love this one, but I may be biased because I do love that they come in pink. Look for heart rate monitors on Amazon, REI, Sports Authority or your local running store.

Happy Fit Friday!
xo Sam
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