Saturday, February 2, 2013

Water Table Car Wash

I was inspired after seeing a kitchen sink car wash over at Timeless Adventures to create my own, only our sink is not very car wash friendly. So, I decided to us our water table that has been sitting lonely outside since summer.

We used shaving cream, a sponge, warm water and drying towels. Just a note on the shaving cream...try to find something that's not too fragrant. By the end, we both smelled like old, clean shaven men.

Jake was a natural and dove right in.  We spent a good hour playing car wash. 


  1. such a great idea! i still need to get G some playdough too! =) cute pics!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

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  3. Well i am big fan of washing things in home. Its include everything which are parts of our home.


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