Monday, March 4, 2013

MyFitnessPal Free Calorie & Diet Counter

I do a good job of exercising on a regular basis, but I tend to cancel out all my hard work by not keeping track of what I'm eating. It's amazing how quickly a handful here or a little bite of something there adds up. It's also funny how I tend to think that those little snacks don't count as calories. When I finally started to keep track of what I was eating, I started realizing that I had about 300-500 extra calories in mindless snacks each day.

I've been using MyFitnessPal every day since the beginning of January to track exactly what I'm eating and how much I'm exercising and I'm happy to say I've lost 4 pounds! I really only have another pound or two that I want to lose, but I plan on using MyFitnessPal on an ongoing basis because it really helps me be more mindful of how many calories I'm consuming. Don't worry about it being complicated, MyFitnessPal couldn't be any easier. It already has most foods logged into the library so you just search for what you ate and hit enter and the program populates the calorie information. You can also input your exercise information so you know how many calories you are burning. Losing weight really comes down to calories in vs. calories's a numbers game.

You can use MyFitnessPal online or as an App on your phone. I highly recommend trying it out with a friend. It will make you more accountable! My friend and I both check each others diaries daily so that we can encourage one another and keep each other motivated.

Just wanted to share this program with you because it's been really helpful and motivational for me. It's hard to cheat with your eating and exercising when you're actually keeping track.


  1. i am reading this as i sit down to eat my pulled pork and augratin potatoes. you would absolutely DIE if you saw what i eat each day. =) sounds like a fun app though!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    1. Actually that's not too bad of a dinner as long as you have saved enough calories for it from the rest of the day!

  2. Oh I'm so trying this!! I think I'm doing good with exercising but I'm not losing those last few pounds. Thanks for sharing ;) I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my post here:

    1. Jamie - so sweet of you to nominate me! It was fun reading all of your responses to the questions. And you should totally try MyFitnessPal. It's amazing how much easier and faster those last few pounds will come off when you're keeping track.


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