Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Magical Carrot Boutonniere

It all started with this adorable carrot boutonniere made by my amazingly creative and even sweeter friend Amy from While Wearing Heels.

As it turns out, when you put on a carrot boutonniere, it's magical.

Baskets & eggs suddenly appear in unexpected places before it's even Easter.

Best friends, hand in hand set off to hunt for secret treasures hidden in colorful eggs.

Up the hill and through the woods, eggs appeared around every corner. 

What fun to see what was hidden inside. 

There were dinosaurs and animals. Princesses and cars. And the most coveted prizes of all, tiny chocolate eggs and bunnies.  

What a perfect and enchanting morning. The little egg hunters are now asleep and the carrot boutonniere is safely tucked away until it appears again next year. 

Want to make a carrot boutonniere of your own? You can find the full tutorial here at While Wearing High Heels. And be sure to say hi to Amy and look around a bit because her creativity knows no boundaries.

Cheers to the magic of childhood and our new "pre-Easter" tradition!
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