Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Toddler Boy Spring Outfits

It's starting to get warmer here in San Diego and I'm starting to realize that my growing boy doesn't fit into any of his summer clothes from last year. With Spring on my mind I've been browsing some online stores (since I rarely get to the mall with my very active little boy). These are just some of the cute toddler boy outfits I've been loving. I ended up purchasing the pieces in #3 and they look so cute on my little guy. I would have done an "Outfit of the Day" post with him, but he won't sit still for longer than half a second.
Toddler Boy Spring Outfits
1. Tea Collection t-shirt, Gap shorts, Gap slip-on shoes
2. Tea Collection t-shirt and shorts, Gap loafers
3. Gap t-shirt, Old Navy shorts, Old Navy shoes
4. Tea Collection t-shirt & shorts, Old Navy shoes


  1. Super cute pics! What about the girl clothes!!...heeheeee! -Anne

  2. You must have the best dressed little boy. These outfits are adorable. So cute. Who says you can't find cute things for boys...they must not have met you and your son :)


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