Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Things I Learned From a Two-Year-Old

One of the greatest gifts my two-year-old son has given me is the opportunity to live like a child again. I have learned to stay present, cherish simple pleasures, think creatively, and just play. Here are 30 ways to enjoy life like a child (thank you, Jake):

-Take a morning walk
-Enjoy a book filled with just pictures
-Smile and say hi to passersby
-Pick up sea shells, even broken ones
-Stop and smell the flowers (literally)
-Lie in the grass and watch the clouds
-Make a wish
-Color outside the lines
-Follow birds and butterflies
-Say I love you spontaneously and loudly
-Run just because
-Collect rocks
-Delight in the beauty of bubbles
-Wave to passing cars
-Bury your feet in the sand
-Eat with your hands and lick your fingers
-Give really tight hugs
-Walk down the street holding someone's hand 
-Keep found treasures
-Cry because you need to cry
-Dig in the dirt
-Run through the sprinklers
-Take an afternoon nap
-Stay in pajamas all day
-Stare off into space and daydream
-Make time for arts and crafts
-Go barefoot
-Curl up with a good book before bedtime
-Eat only the icing off a cupcake
-Find the joy in everything that surrounds you
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