Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Bottle Cap Checkers & Checkerboard

Checkers is one of those classic games that's fun for all ages. Since I don't have a set, I decided to make my own. Plus, I needed to find a use for all of the bottle caps I've been collecting. 

For the checkerboard here are the supplies you need:

-12" x 12" wood panel - I used this one from Michael's. As another option, you could use a canvas or even a piece of cardboard.  
-1.5" painters tape 
-Exacto knife
-White paint or spray paint (I only had paint on hand)
-Orange spray paint

For the checkers here are the supplies you need:

-Bottle caps (24 total)
-Dot label stickers (I got mine at Target)

Step 1: Spray paint or paint your board white. Let it dry completely. 

Step 2: Cut 1.5" squares of painters tape. There may be a better way to build the grid, but this worked well for me. Add the squares to your wood panel. I also added tape around the outer edges. 

Step 3. Spray paint or paint your board orange (or the color of your choice). Let it dry completely. Once dry, remove the painters tape and voila, you now have a checkerboard. 

Step 4. (Optional) Add a varnish to protect your checkerboard. 

I'm looking forward to having a cup of coffee and playing Checkers on our front patio. I just need an opponent... 

This little guy isn't quite ready for an "official" game of Checkers just yet, but he sure does love stacking the playing pieces and moving them from square to square. 

Here are the official rules of how to play Checkers.  

Happy Crafting! 

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