Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Name Recognition & Spelling with Peg People

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Jake is 27 months old and loves seeing anything with his name on it. In his room, we have his name framed by his bed, and one of his favorite toys is his personalized step stool puzzle. To help him learn to spell his name, I made him painted peg people inspired by these dolls made by Hand Painted Heartwork. Wouldn't these also be great for letter recognition as an entire alphabet.

These peg dolls are easy to make. Only 3 steps.

1. Use acrylic paint to cover your wooden peg people. I bought my peg dolls online from Craft Parts. You can also find an assortment here
2. Use paint or a paint pen to add each letter. I did uppercase letters on the front and lowercase on the back. 
3. Once completely dry, cover your peg dolls with Mod Podge to keep them protected and looking nice. I used the glossy version. 

I thought that Jake's little peg boys needed some friends that were girls. So I made one of his best friends, MJ, a set of her own. Jake and MJ are like two peas in a pod. I swear they'll be going to prom together one day. 

I have a feeling that Jake is going to love his new peg dolls. I already have some game ideas in mind. 

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