Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Treasure Chest Box and Gems

Doesn't every little kid need a treasure box? I was so excited to make Jake one after Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores asked if I wanted to participate in their Cape Discovery Summer Crafting Challenge. As I browsed their catalog of kid crafts, the project that immediately jumped out at me was the treasure box

The great thing about treasure chests is that you can let your imagination run wild. As you can see, my finished treasure box is a bit different than the Jo-Ann's example. The possibilities are endless. 

To start, I took my treasure box kit and painted the box one of my favorite colors. You don't need a fancy paintbrush, I just used a foam brush and then a smaller brush for the edges. To give the box an aged look, I added a few streaks of brown once I finished my base coat. 

Decorating the box was the best part. In addition to small rhinestones, I used my own DIY glitter gems. You can find the tutorial here

The smaller glitter gems were perfect for decorating the outside of the box and the larger glitter gems made great treasures for inside the box. 

I thought that letter gems would be a fun way to put Jake's name on the top of the treasure chest. They are easy to make using clear glass stones that are rounded on one side and flat on the other. 

Here's how to make letter gems:

1. Cut scrapbook paper to fit the back of each gem.
2. Use a marker to draw a letter on each piece of paper.
3. Apply Mod Podge to the letter-side of the paper using a foam brush. Attach the paper to the flat side of the gem. Add another layer of Mod Podge over the back of the paper to make sure it is sealed. 

Of course you can't have a treasure chest and gems without a map and treasure hunt. For the map I drew a clue to where I hid each gem throughout the front and backyard of our house. To make the map a little more authentic, I burned the edges of the paper. I have to admit, burning the paper edges was not the easiest thing to do, and my hair as well as the bathroom sink smelled like a bonfire afterwards, but I do think the map looks cool. The map can also be used as a color matching game even after the treasure hunt is over. 

So, are you inspired to make a treasure box of your own now? If so, make sure you become a Jo-Ann preferred customer here and receive a 20% off coupon when you sign up. 

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